Android 11 Features You Will Need

There are many cool upcoming Android 11 features you will need to use on your smartphone.

While Google recently postponed the release event of the Android 11 beta, which was scheduled for June 3rd, it is never to early to learn about new upcoming features.  If you did not already here this news, check out our news story by clicking here.  The first role out session is scheduled to begin by the end of 2020. Moreover, with the release of Android 10, Google also confirmed to follow a numerical pattern for all its upcoming OS versions. So, there is no doubt the name for the new update is going to be Android 11.

Now, with several Developers Preview, many exclusive features of the new update are already out. And as expected, Android 11 brings us some of the essential features that users were looking for previously. But in this article, we will be talking about those features that we need the most in Android 11. Although different users may have different requirements, we will discuss some of the major features, most of us would love to see on our device. Before that, let us have a clearer view of the new Android update.

What’s New In Android 11?

The early developer preview from Google gave us an opportunity to do a proper search of all its exclusive features. However, Android 11 does not seem to have many changes in its UI, unlike Android 10. But still, it includes a lot of features to be appreciated. Some of its most highlighted features include the audio controls in the quick settings area, Airplane mode that does not disconnect Bluetooth devices, curved screen support, and many more. All the features we could find from the developer’s preview seem to really enhance the operating sytem.

Moreover, there is an unexpected change in the Recents menu. It is more likely to have an undo button, for instance, you close an app accidentally, you could revisit it with just one click. On top of that, the volume menu is further changed as Sound, and we still have no clue behind that. So, these were all about what we know from their previews until date. Now let us have a look at what we really want to see in the new Android 11 update:

1. Enhanced Dark Mode

The dark mode is exactly the opposite of the normal mode that most of us are using. Although not many users use this mode, once you do, you are definitely going to love it. Besides, it is better to use a dark mode instead of the normal one, especially when you are using your device in a dark place.

If you are interested in enabling dark mode in Android 10 check out this YouTube video.

But one of the major problems with the dark mode in Android 10 is, not all the applications are available in dark mode. So, if you are using an app with a dark mode mostly at night time, then suddenly switch to another in normal mode. This might affect your eyes badly.

Apart from that, even when you are using an app with a dark mode, you might be unable to see some text. You can mostly see this in Google Search itself. This happens when texts are not actually color-swapped.

Thus, we hope in Android 11, and such things will be taken care of.  On top of that, most of the apps must offer dark themes as well.

2. NFC File-sharing Alternative

With the introduction of Android 10, you were able to share files on NFC (Near Field Communication). And it was a very effective way as you could share files or make payments just by tapping both phones together. Sadly, good things often go faster. Hence, we could expect something similar at this place from Android 11.

It would be amazing to have an NFC file-sharing alternative that will create an easier way to share files. I mean, it’s quite annoying to switch on your Bluetooth or open some file-sharing app every time you want to share something with others. Imagine how easier it would get if you could simply share your photos, videos, and files just by pressing both devices against each other.

3. Extended Chat Bubbles

You must be familiar enough with those round-shaped bubble-like notifications popping out on your screen. At least you have seen it for the Facebook messenger. In Android 10, this feature was allowed for several other apps. It’s actually an easier way to read and reply to all your conversations. But again, the feature is not available for most of the apps.

Thus, it would be much better if we can see something close to this for all messaging apps. In fact, WhatsApp is the most widely used application for messaging. So, having the same bubble feature for all apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others could be very useful. Just tap to read and reply to the conversations or simply drag the bubbles down to remove them.


There is no doubt; Android 11 has so much to offer. Most of the features that Android 11 is supposed to have are the most necessary ones which users will love and cherish. However, as a user, we always seek for the best.  The new features above might seem trivial but they will make a difference in your user experience. 

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