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Bored of Your Android Phone Keyboard? Change It Now

Written by John

Tired of your Android phone keyboard?  Most Android phones come with a default boring and plain keyboard, which does not provide intriguing and intuitive features. And what’s fun in that? You need an Android phone keyboard with aesthetic themes and the ability to customize. So let’s get you a keyboard like that. You probably have not considered getting rid of your default keyboard and installing a third-party keyboard app on your Android smartphone.

Let’s face it, installing a third-party app increases the risk of malware attack, and changing a keyboard apparently seems a techie task. If you entirely agree on the former statement, then you are deceived, my friend! There are third-party keyboard apps that are secure and reliable, which I’ve gathered in this article. Furthermore, changing a keyboard is as easy as changing your pillowcase. I will show you below. Let’s look at some keyboards with fun features for your Android phone.

Best Keyboards for Android Phones


SwiftKey is the most used Android phone keyboard out there, and It has over 250 million downloads on Google Playstore. Recently, acquired by Microsoft, SwiftKey is always learning and trying to match with your novel way of typing. The most incredible thing is, SwifKey’s A.I learn and adapt your typing style and use that pattern to automatically forcast the next word you are going to type. This feature makes typing faster and able you to send a response across without errors. Predictions are only 60% to 65% accurate, but again that is a huge number.

The keyboard app comes with a variety of themes ( free + paid ), an inbuilt GIF search engine, fun emojis, and a separate number row. The app claims, there are enough emojis you will never need more. Furthermore, SwiftKey offers multiple language systems for bilingual people. SwiftKey also presents auto-correction and gesture typing features for rapid typing. The App has a firm privacy policy that states, SwitKey does not store your sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers. It is available for free on PlayStore. However, there is some in-app purchase for certain high themes.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Swype Keyboard

Swype is one of the oldest Android phone keyboards around, developed in 2002. However, It was acquired by Nuance Communication and modified to be re-released in 2013. Swype has the same interface as SwiftKey, also a bit animated. It’s A.I. However, it is more intelligent. It uses error-correction algorithms and learning ability to simulate your vocabulary, for fast typing and suggest a reply for a received text. Don’t worry, the A.I do not read your texts! It understands programming languages only.

The keyboard presents 1000+ GIFs, and A.I suggests you GIF as a response on every text you receive. Another great feature of the Swype Keyboard is, it uses Dragon Dictation software. The software presents the incredible capability of quick text-to-speech typing. The Swype keyboard has an enormous collection of themes; you will find nature, animal, tech glitter, flower, and much more. All of the themes are free. Swype also has bilingual support. Furthermore, It allows you to type in two languages at once. The App is free to use but, you will find many more features in the purchased version.

Download Swype Keyboard for Android

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy—an-ad free keyboard with 50 custom themes and 800+ emojis, GIFs. The App holds the record of the fastest typing speed, not once but twice. Fleksy uses next-generation auto-correction systems for fast and accurate typing. The unique feature that Fleksy presents—not found on any Android phone keyboard is its gesture feature. This feature controls adding punctuation, word-corrections, spaces, and more.

Fleksy includes A.I assistant which guides you which GIF to send, and informs you about nearby restaurants, analyzing your text when you need it the most. Furthermore, the keyboard supports 45 languages, and the App makes it easy for you to switch from one language to another. It allows you to navigate other apps within the keyboard, create shortcuts of the App, and many fun easy-to-handle features. Fleksy holds very robust privacy, and it does not store your sensitive data.

Download Fleksy Keyboard for Android

Chrooma Keyboard

You will surely love the interface of the Chrooma Keyboard.  It adjusts itself elegantly on any app you use. That means it will automatically adapt the color of the App you are working on, and settle a beautiful interface. You will find all the essentials on the Chrooma Keyboard, like A.I based contextual predictions for fast typing, gesture typing, and keyboard resizing. Another unique trait about the keyboard is, It offers a Night Mode feature. This feature will change the color tone of the App to a light one, to please your eyes.

You can also program the night mode, based on the timer. Furthermore, the App also allows for a high level of customization. Chrooma Keyboard provides you with tools such as adding and deleting rows,  changing the overall look of the keyboard. The Chrooma Keyboard is available in the free version. However, the paid version unlocks more features. Chrooma Keyboard’s one-hand mode and split layout feature allow you to type with one thumb and fast. If you have a large screen, a split layout will surely help you type faster and accurately.

Download Chrooma Keyboard for Andriod

How to Change your Android Phone Keyboard?

After downloading one of the keyboards from the list above. Here’s how to get rid of your default keyboard and replace it with a new one.

  1. Head over to the “Settings” and scroll down to find System, tap on it
  2.  Tap “Languages And Input” and open Virtual Keyboard
  3. Tap on Manage Keyboards, and the downloaded keyboard will appear on this list.
  4. You will see a toggle, next to the keyboard you just downloaded, tap on it.
  5. An attention pop-up will appear, tap OK.
  6. Now, open any type of word processor app. e.g. Google Search, Notepad or message field
  7. Tap on to type
  8. As your default keyboard appears, tap on the keyboard icon at the bottom right corner.
  9. Tap on the new keyboard from the list—and you are done.

Try out your new keyboard. If you ever want to switch back to your old keyboard or try a different one, the process is the same.

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