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Asus is the brand which everyone trust just not because it is a very old brand but also because of its solid smartphones. Asus is continuously making budget-friendly, as well as high-end device and undoubtedly, each of its smartphones, are super hit. Now, there are millions of Asus smartphone user all over the world and for any reason, if you want to flash the stock ROM or want to upgrade your Asus Firmware then you gonna need an Asus Flash Tool.

If your device is getting slower then flashing stock ROM on your Asus Android device would be very beneficial for you. Flashing stock ROM again on your device will fix the hanging and slow performance issue to some extent also, if by any chance you got your Asus smartphone bricked then you again need to flash a stock ROM on your device and now the questionaries, how are we gonna flash stock ROM on our Asus device? well, the answer is pretty simple, you need to have Asus Flash Tool installed in your laptop or PC and then you are good to go.

If you are Asus users then Asus Flash Tool is must have tool for you because it is very beneficial for you in so many ways. Asus Zenfone flash tool is officially created by Asus and it is the only tool which helps us when we get our device bricked. We have shared the download link of different version of Asus Flash tool before for you. Now, before you directly jump to the download section, it is very important for you to fully understand What is Asus Flash Tool and what are its advantages.

What is Asus Flash Tool?

Asus Flash Tool is a tool which is officially created by Asus for all the Asus Zenfone smartphone users to do a different task on their device by connecting their smartphone with Computer or Laptop. Asus is a big brand and they have millions of users and getting the device bricked is a very common issue and by keeping this thing in mind Asus developed this tool which can help all the Asus users to install Stock ROM on their Asus Zenfone smartphone and make it like before.

Not only you can flash stock ROM but also you can do format data, downgrade and upgrade your smartphone firmware version very easily.

What are the Advantages of Asus Flash Tool?

Unbrick our Asus Device:- The number one advantage of Asus Flash Tool is that it let us unbrick our device. If you have ever bricked your Asus Device then you will understand the pain of bricked device. And if you are not so technical person, and you get your bricked device to the service center then you will be charged around 3000-5000 INR for nothing. With Asus Flash Tool your hard earned money can be saved and you can fix your device yourself just by flashing the stock ROM and your device will be like as it was before.

Backup your Device:- The second best feature of Asus Zenfone Flash tool is that it lets us take backup our data. We all know how important our stuff is in our device and by chance if get our device completely damaged or while flashing stock ROM if we get our data lost then it would be very regretful moment but with Asus Flash Tool we can take complete backup of our Asus device very easily and we don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Now, there might be a doubt in your mind how are we gonna restore our backed up data? well, you can easily do that with Asus Flash tool. There is an option of restore from there you can restore the backup data very easily.

Upgrade and Downgrade your Device:- The third advantage of using Asus Flash Tool is that we can upgrade and downgrade our Asus device firmware anytime. Sometimes when a particular update rolled out via OTA then it takes some times to reach everyone’s region and in order to quickly upgrade your device, you can take the help of this flash tool. You can download the firmware manually from the Asus website and then you can flash it on your device.

Also, if you don’t like the updated firmware then you can switch back to your old firmware very easily, just like you downloaded the latest firmware, this time you can download the old firmware and simply flash it on your device.

Requirements to use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool

Now in order to use Asus Flash tool and take benefits from it, you have to first fulfill the below requirements.

  • You must need to have a working PC or Laptop running on any Windows.
  • You need a standard USB cable to connect your Asus Device with your Laptop or PC.
  • Your Laptop or PC must have working Asus Drivers installed.
  • You need a Asus device only. You can use any other brand smartphone.

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool Info

Tool NameAsus Flash Tool
Platform SupportedWindows Only.
Windows Version SupportedWindows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Developer Asus
Latest VersionV2.0.1
Tool Size5.37 MB
Total DowloadsMore than 50,000
Is it Safe?Yes.

Download Asus Flash Tool **All Versions**

Asus Flash Tool

We always recommend you to download the latest version of Asus Flash Tool which V2.0.1

Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.7 Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.11 Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.14 Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.17 Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.24 Download Asus Flash Tool v1.0.0.34 Download Asus Flash Tool V1.0.0.45 Download Asus Flash Tool V2.0.1

How to Install Asus Flash Tool on Windows PC/Laptop

Step1) First of all, download the latest version of Asus Zenfone Flash Tool from the above download section.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Step2) Once the download is done, simply open the zip file and extract the folder inside it in your desktop.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Step 3) Open the extracted folder, you’ll see the content inside the folder something like this:-

Download Asus Flash Tool

Step4) Double click on Asus_Zenfone_FlashTool_2.0.1 and then click on Next.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Step5) Select the destination where you want to install the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool (in my case I am installing it on C drive of my PC).

Download Asus Flash Tool


Step6) Click again on Next and then Click on Install.

Download Asus Flash Tool


Step 7) Wait until the installation gets done, once it is done Click on Finish.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Done! That’s how you can install Asus Flash Tool on your PC or Laptop. Now if you don’t know how to Install or flash stock ROM on Asus Zenfone Smartphones using Asus Flash Tool then please read below steps.

How to Use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool to flash Stock ROMs/Firmware

Step1) First of all before proceeding to the flashing process make sure your Windows PC or laptop has the latest Asus USB drivers installed. If not, then please consider installing it then follow these steps. Once you have done that open Asus Flash Tool on your Laptop.

 Asus Flash Tool

Step2) Download the suitable Asus Firmware from Asus website.

Step3) Once done, browse the Asus firmware which you have just downloaded.

Step 4) Now, click on the Flash button to start the firmware flashing process. Meanwhile, it will ask you to boot your device into recovery mode, to do so, simply press and Hold volume down and Volume Up button to boot into recovery mode.

Step 5) Once you reach the recovery mode, tap on Apply Update from ADB and then click on Resume button in Asus Flash tool to start the flashing process again. It would take some time to completely fllash the stock ROM on your device. So keep patience.

Step 6) Once the flashing process is all done. Reboot your device and disconnect it from your PC.

You can refer to this video too if you have any doubt in the above steps.

Done! That’s how you can flash stock ROM or firmware on your Asus Zenfone device. Now read some FAQ related to Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

F.A.Q Related to Asus Zenfone Flash Tool

Question 1) Can we flash custom ROM with this Tool? 

Well, the answer to this question is big No. Don’t even try to flash any custom ROM via Asus Zenfone flash tool. To install custom ROM we have to first install custom recovery and then from there, we can install any custom.

Question 2) Can we Root our Asus device with this tool?

No, you can not root your Asus smartphone with Asus Flash Tool because in order to root your device you need to take the help of Magisk or SuperSu which is altogether a different thing.

Question 3) Is this Tool compatible with every Asus Device?

Yes, Asus Flash Tool is compatible with every Asus device. In fact, it is made for Asus devices only and it doesn’t matter how old your Asus device is, it will always be compatible with the this Asus Flash Tool.

Question 4) Is Asus Zenfone Flash Tool Paid?

Hell No, this Tool is not paid at all. It is 100% free and always will be.

Question 5) Is this tool safe to use?

Yes, this Tool is very safe to use. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Question 6) What is the Size of this Tool?

Well, it depends and fluctuates version to version. As of now the size of the latest version Asus flash tool is 5.74 MB only.

Final Verdict

So, this was a complete full researched article on Download Asus firmware Tool. In this article, we discussed different things related to Asus Flash Tool. In Last, we only want to say that it is very safe to use and a very useful tool to take a backup, upgrade, downgrade and flash stock ROM on Asus Device.

All the credits of this tool directly goes to their developers, we have just shared the download link of this Tool. If you faced any issue regarding this tool then you can freely ask us in the comment section. We’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible.




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