Download OnePlus Concept One Stock Wallpapers [Ultra HD]

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The CES is an even all smartphone enthusiasts look into for new technologies and innovations. The 2020 CES event was also full of exciting news and innovations. However, the main spotlight of the event went directly to the fast-growing brand OnePlus. The OnePlus Concept One was an instant hit and seems like something many users look for in future. Although the concept is something which will take time to come out, we have the OnePlus Concept One Stock wallpaper for you at the moment.

OnePlus Concept One Stock Wallpapers

OnePlus Concept One

Over the last two years, the one thing which increased in all the smartphones is the number of cameras. From a single camera to quad-camera setup things elevated fast. The increase in the number of cameras did boost up the performance to a better position. However, all users are not happy with the way it changed the neat look of the smartphones. This is were the Concept One weight itself in and save the word.

OnePlus with Concept One came up with an innovation to hide the camera at the rear of the smartphone. The Concept One is similar in specifications to the OnePlus 7T Pro. OnePlus made the Concept One ready ith help on the McLaren. A new feature named as the Camera Visibility which is made based on the rooftop of McLaren. With the Camera Visibility, we can easily switch between making the Camera Visible and hidden. The transaction process is rather quick and happens within a second.

Coming into the features of the device, it is similar to the OnePlus 7T in all aspect. The only different thing is the back and side design of the device. The Camera Visibility is an added feature, but surprisingly the battery pack is not improved. With the same battery as OnePlus 7T Pro, it is evident that the device will have a lower standby time. The back design is inspired by the McLaren and the side of the device gets a gold lining.

Preview of OnePlus Concept One Stock Wallpapers

Download OnePlus Concept One Stock Wallpapers

We have come today with a OnePlus Concept One stock wallpaper. The Wallpaper is coming in a 2160 X 4680 pixels resolution. OnePlus Concept One gets a wallpaper which is similar to that we have already seen in the OnePlus 7T Pro. The Wallpaper given here is of good quality and will look good for both your home and lock screen. The preview of the wallpaper is provided below. You are advised not to download the preview as it is of low quality. The high-quality version of the wallpaper can be downloaded from the button provided below.

OnePlus Concept One Stock Wallpapers

The Wallpaper can be downloaded from the button above directly into your device. You can also download it into your PC and transfer it later. One the download is finished open the file in your device and set it as your home screen or lock screen wallpaper as preferred. Concept One from OnePlus can be a reality in future and will look better than any smartphones out there.


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