GBWhatsapp decided to Completely Shut Down their Services

Written by Daniel Carter

This is not any Android-Tech news or any tech-related news, today I am sharing a kind of sad news for all those fans of GBWhatsapp. Well, the team behind popular Whatsapp MOD ‘GBWhatsapp’ has now decided to shut down their services forever which means from now we won’t get any new update from GBWhatsapp.

Even I am very shocked about the news, As it is a MOD, I knew it could happen anytime but never expected this soon. as I am also a user of GBWhatsapp and the features which they provide are marvelous. However, it is an unofficial un-official app and that’s why we don’t see such application on the Google Play Store and also, Whatsapp is completely against such applications. So, sooner or later this was gonna happen but I never thought they will completely shut down, we can’t do anything in this situation and we have to move on.

But I am sure just like GBWhatsapp, there are so many other Mods as well like YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Reborn, etc and sooner or later they would also shut down their services.

Do let us know in the comment section what you feel about this and what Whatsapp MOD you gonna use know.

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