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How To Backup Android Phones

Android phones have faced a challenging transformation making itself one of a kind. Today, when we talk about smartphones, they are getting better in all aspects each day. With new hardware and firmware updates, phones are filled with extreme power and a touch of brilliance. But what about backing up data? Perhaps, that is one of the most important things to be taken care of. Since we hate losing digital data, backing them up at regular intervals becomes mandatory. Learn how to backup Android phones.

Although we know, the auto backup system on our Android devices is working thoroughly. Also, they are much more reliable now, at least more than ever, but that doesn’t alter the risk of accidents. Supposedly, you lost your Android phone or might have dropped it in water, causing permanent damage.

Plus, if you left it in the trust of the auto-backup system, there is a fair chance that your recent data were not backed up. At such times, you not only lose your device but your data as well. Hence, the wisest way to avoid such data loss risks is by manually backing up your data. Now, if you have no idea about how to do that, let’s check out some of the possible ways of doing that.

How to backup Android Phones?

Here we have discussed the reliable ways of getting a proper backup of your device. Not to mention, backing up ensures complete protection of your data and avoid further data losses.

1. Backup apps using the device settings

In order to keep a backup of the apps and their settings, you need to take the help of the Android backup service. So, when you restore them on a new device, you don’t have to make changes in the settings again. Now, follow the steps below to back up the apps and setting using Android Backup Service:

  • Open your device Settings app
  • Click on the Accounts & Backup option.
  • Press the Backup & restore option.
  • Finally, click on Backup my data, and that’s it.

2. Backup Using Google

Google answers most of our problems in a pretty simple manner. Similarly, it provides much simplified yet effective ways to backup your data. However, there is no centralized app that covers all your data in a single backup, but Google does have ways to do so for most parts separately.

  • Backing up Photos & videos using Google:

Well, you might have seen the Google Photos app on your Android phone. It is pre-installed in all the phones nowadays; however, if you don’t see it on yours, you can install it from Play Store. This app helps backup all your photos and videos automatically on the cloud. But for that, you need to ensure the app is set to automatically backup all your files. So, here is how to make sure of it:

  • Firstly, open the app.
  • Now go to Settings and click on the Backup & Sync option.
  • Check if it is turned ON or not.

Hence, this must take care of a regular backup of all your photos and videos on the device.

  • Backing up other files using Google

Apart from the photos and videos, other files such as the text files, pdf’s and more can be saved on your Google Drive account. Google Drive offers a total of 15GB storage on the cloud, which is enough to back up tons of files. So here is how you can manually upload your files to Google Drive:

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Tap on the + button at the bottom-left corner.
  • Next, click on upload and select the particular file.

3. Backup to your PC

While we have discussed how to backup Android phones, many of us prefer backing up data on your PC/Laptop rather than the cloud storage. However, this is a very simple process, and we will see a couple of ways on how we can transfer data to our computer.

  • USB File Transfer:

Of course, the first and the easiest way to transfer data to your computer is by simply using a USB cable. In fact, it is the most popular as well as the safest way in which you can transfer files without interruption. Simply connect the USB with your PC and tap on the File transfer option and take a complete backup of your files.

  • Wireless Sync:

Wireless sync is one of my personal favorites when it comes to transferring files on a computer. It works for both PC and Mac, which is why it is considered a very reliable way to do so. All you need to do is follow the steps below, and you will be good to go:

  • Install the Syncing app on your Android phone.
  • Next, install the app on your PC/Mac too.
  • Go to the Devices tab and click on the Plus icon.
  • You can sync your device either by entering your device name or simply scanning the QR code.
  • Now, move to the folders tab and click on the plus icon again.
  • Select the folder for sync or a one-way sending.
  • After a few seconds, it will ask you for a confirmation for pairing your device to the PC.
  • Once the confirmation is granted, it will start syncing in no time.

So, this is how you can take a backup of your data directly on your computer without using any cable. The process is fast, simple, and reliable. Thus, you can use it for fast data transfer.

4. Using Third-Party app

In case you are looking for an alternate way for a complete data backup at once. You will require a much comprehensive third-party app for this purpose. Luckily, there are several apps of such kind for Android. Some of the popular names are CMBackup, SuperBackup, Backup your mobile, etc.



From Editor’s Desk

This is how to backup Android phones.  You can keep a proper backup of all your data in case of an emergency. Although an auto backup just works fine, a manual backup would still be helpful if you are much concerned with losing data. All the above methods really work great and are completely safe. So, tell us which method you will prefer the most for an effective backup of your Android phone?

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