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How to Enable Camera2Api on Samsung Galaxy A50

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The Korean giant Samsung has been a big name in the whole electronic market for decades now. Coming into the smartphone market, Samsung is the one main company who utilized the features and popularity of the Android operating system in its earliest days itself. This enabled the manufacturer to lead the market until now. But as times change the big player is feeling the heat of competition mainly from China with many companies giving the Korean manufacturer tough time in the global market.

Samsung is doing all it can to attract both the premium and mid-range customers back to their devices. In the mid-range segment, the A-series smartphone is the company’s main strategy to compete with Chinese devices. The A-series was launched years back when Samsung was at the top with no big threats from any other company. During the first time, the looks and different UI of these devices got a mixed response and didn’t give any big boost on the market. But years after the new range of devices is getting some good attention globally.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The biggest player in the latest A series from Samsung is indeed the A50. This device houses some of the best features available in its range for a competitive price tag. In the looks of it, the device matches the current trend of 6.4-inch screen size with an added advantage of Samsung’s own Super AMOLED Infinity-U Display. Coming into the performance department, the device comes with a 2.3GHZ, 1.7GHz Octa-Core processor ensuring good running speed. The battery pack is also impressive with a 4000mah battery promising better standby time. The camera of the device is the most loved part with a triple rear camera with an ultra-wide-angle video capturing feature.

Camera2Api in Galaxy A50

The latest Camera2Api from google is something that promises an enhanced performance in all Android smartphones. After a number of great reviews for the camera on Google’s flagship device Pixel 3 users are wanting to have the Camera2Api feature on their devices. Samsung did add this feature with their latest Galaxy A50, but this hasn’t given the expected improvements in its camera. The reason for this is that the features of Camera2Api added with this device is for some reason restricted by the manufacturer.

Camera2Api levels

Most users who are even aware of the Camera2Api feature is not quite sure that it is possible for the manufacturer to provide the feature at various levels. There are various levels of this API which is based on the number of features made available for the user. In the case of Galaxy A50, this is what Samsung has done which by default restricts the user from getting all the benefits of having the Camera2Api in the device.

However, it is possible to change this default setting and remove the Camera2Api restrictions given on the Galaxy A50 by following some simple steps. For this first, you should make sure that you root the device and download some third-party apps from Google Playstore before you proceed with the steps.

How to Enable Camera2Api on Samsung Galaxy A50

If you want to enable camera2api on galaxy a50 then you need to first root your device as we have already said and then you need to play with build.prop and to do so you can refer to this guide:- How to Enable Camera2Api on Android Smartphone.


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