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How to make a conference call on an Android Phone

With the revolution of technology, a lot of jobs can be done remotely. Let it be a meeting or a group discussion. You can do it from your home using your smartphone. Now you don’t need to travel to attend a meeting or complete a group project discussion.  Read on to learn about how to make a conference call on an Android Phone.

You can simply make a conference call and add all the members in it after that you can discuss whatever work you want to. In recent years a lot of applications and software came that made the conference call a piece of cake. Yes, there are a lot of apps for this, but the traditional conference approach is best among all other methods.

The simple meaning of the conference call is that when three or more members attend a call simultaneously, it is called a conference. There are a lot of ways to do conference calls, but we are going to tell you the old traditional method first, and after that, we will suggest some other alternatives as well. If you ask, Why alternatives? Then the simple answer is most of the mobile companies allow a maximum of 5 to 6 members on a single conference. It means if you want to add more members, then you need to use some other way to make a conference call. There are a lot of online service providers that offer the addition of more members in a single conference call.

How to make a conference call on an Android Phone

Firstly, we are going to talk about the traditional method to make a conference call, and after that, we will suggest other alternatives as well.

Traditional method

If you want to make an offline call with only five or six participants, you can use this method as it is the best way to do it. All you need is a phone with a sim card and Talktime.

To make a conference call, firstly call any one participant. Once that participant picks up the call, you will see an option labeled as add call. In some smartphones, the add call option has + as an icon. Click on that icon. Now dial the number of the second participant.

As soon as the second participant picks up the phone, you will see an option named merge calls. Click on that option, and both calls will be merged to one call. Now it will be shown as a conference call on your screen.

Follow the same steps to add more participants, as we mentioned before, and you can add only five to six people depending on your smartphone. If you try to add more participants, the previous one will be disconnected, and in some devices, you won’t be able to add more members to call at all.

So this is the traditional way to make a conference call. However, if you want to make a conference call with more participants, then we are providing you with some alternatives.

How to make a conference call with more participants using an android device

You need an internet connection to do this as there is no other way to make a conference call offline. If you, along with all the other participants, have an active Internet connection, then you can make an online conference call. There are a lot of apps that provide this service, but we are only going to mention the best apps that we use ourselves. Along with the apps, we are mentioning some Websites that provide conference call services.

1) Google meet

Google meet is an online meeting and video conference software by google. You can host a conference with 250 participants, not only that, but you can also Livestream with 100,000 live stream viewers. It has the best security provided by Google.

2) Webex

Webex is a product by cisco. It is the best app for a business conference meeting. It has the best audio and video quality. You can host a conference with up to 50 participants; in addition, Webex provides 1GB of cloud storage. However, Webex has a 40 minute limit for meetings, but you can remove this limit if you purchase a premium package.


This is a conference call service that provides a conference call with up to 1000 participants. has features like Screen sharing & private chat, Recording capabilities, International conference calling, etc. The main reason for using this service for the conference call is that it is completely free.

4) Uberconference

If you are looking for a conference app for a small group call, then Uberconference is your answer. It has the ability to make a conference with up to 10 participants. Free conferencing services comes with features like HD audio quality, HD video quality, call recording, screen sharing,  and mobile app access. This means it is really helpful when you want to hold a conference call with fewer participants. The best part is that it is completely free. As is it free, the conference call has a limit of 45 minutes, but you can remove this limit by purchasing the paid business plan.

5) Bluejeans

Bluejeans is your answer if you are looking for an online all that has features like best audio quality, awesome video output. The best feature of Bluejeans is its exceptional audio quality that is powered by Dolby Voice. It has different plans for different needs, and you can even make a custom plan of yours by contacting Bluejeans. This makes Blue Jeans better than its competitors.

6) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is the best-paid conference service for small businesses. It has simple and distracting features. Because of this, the service has a simplicity that can be very useful. It is the best, but unlike other providers, it does not have a free plan. You can get a free 14days trial. After that, if you like the service, you can buy plans according to your choice. You must give it a try and use its free trial, and if you find it, useful, buy the premium plan.  Visit them at


We provided the basic method to make a conference call that can be helpful for small group conferences without using the internet. If you are running a business, normal offline conference calls are not much useful, and you can always use the online conference services. Most of the services on our list are free, and if you want some premium features, then you can choose paid services from the list as well.

We hope that this helps you in enjoying the conference calls. We prefer online conference call services because it has more features that are really helpful if you are organizing business conferences more often.  If you have any additional questions you can visit us at our forum.

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