Huawei P30 Series To Get Stable Android 10 Update in Canada

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The year 2019 was not a real good year for the Chinese OEM Huawei. The mid-2019 seen Huawei facing a lot of issues at a global level. However, with their experience and technology available they dodged all the bullet cam against them. Moreover, the company was able to end the year good with some good devices in the premium range. Adding to the flavour they joined the early update club with the beta Android 10 updates rolling out for few of their top-end devices. The first stable update also came soon for the European devices. Huawei is out for a good start this year and just a week of 2020 and they have already started to roll out the stable version of Android 10.

The P30 series have the flagship and topmost devices from the brand. The Canadian version of these devices is reported to be getting the Android 10 stable update. Huawei already became one of the first OEMs to push the latest and most awaited update back in 2019 itself. Now the P30 series devices in Canada is expected to get the update very soon.

The Mate20 series was already got the update in 2019 itself. But as of now, there is no confirmation about the update for these devices in Canada. According to the current leaked update list, P30 series devices will be the first one to get the latest Android 10 in Canada. We can expect the Mate20 series to join the party soon, but we are not sure about the schedule as of now.

Android 10 will be coming to the devices as EMUI 10. The version number for this latest update is EMUI (C432E7R1P5). The new EMUI will surely bring in all the Android 10 goodies. The update will be hitting all the P30 series devices around Canada soon. The global version of this update can be expected very soon too.



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