LG G6 Finally Gets Android 9 Pie update in India [Download Link]

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All OEMs are busy pushing the latest Android 10 update for months now. But, it seems like the Korean OEM LG is way back than others in the update timeline. The latest news from LG is suggesting an older Android 9 Pie update. The LG G6 is the device which is finally getting to taste the Android 9 OS from Google.

The smartphone market is in its pean of competition like never before. All OEMs including the ones from China is busy planning strategies to take over the market. But LG although is performing good in other electronics market, is way behind when it comes to the smartphone. The Korean company seems to be not working on anything big and had no innovations bought out in the last few years. Moreover, the devices from LG is blamed to get no new updates. The LG G6 is a device on the premium side and they are getting the awaited Android Pie update over a year late than expected by all.

However, few experts in the market are seeing this as something which can be seen as a change in Lg’s attitude towards the smartphone market. Although the Koreans didn’t have anything big at the CES 2020, they announced new plans to make them profitable by 2021. An update this late is looked at as their kickstart to the journey to a good place in the market. With many brands competing with all they got it is not clear how is LG planning to tackle the heavy competition.

LG G6 Android Pie Update Changelog

  • Android 9 Pie OS
  • Improvements in functionality and usability
  • Enhancements in the home screen

Download Update

The download is planned to reach all Indian LG G6 devices soon. If you haven’t received the update yet you can download it from the button below.

Android 9 Pie For LG G6



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