Oppo Announced Road-map for Global ColorOS 7 (Android 10) Update

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The smartphone market has taken a big turn over the years. There was a time when Chinese OEMs are considered just for their low budget devices. Moreover, there was a strong belief that not devices from China is going to get any new updates. However, things are completely the Opposite now and Chinese OEMs are in the frontline when it comes to updates. Most Chinese OEMs are popular in pushing the latest Android 10 to the new and even their older devices. The latest news is the new plan from Oppo to globally roll out Android 10 based ColorOS 7 update.

With the big success of Realme devices, Oppo is looking forward to a better year. Seems like they have strong plans and as a start, they are planning to push ColorOS 7 to a bunch of devices. The eligible device lineup includes even some of their older devices. As usual, the Chinese variants of Oppo already got a roadmap for the same update. Within two months from that announcement, Oppo is back with a plan for their global variants too. A trial version plan is what currently came from Oppo

The ColorOS is an inhouse developed UI from Oppo based on Android. All of the current Oppo and Realme devices runs on Color OS. The new ColorOS 7 will be based on the Android 10 and comes with a lot of new enhancements and functionalities. The RealmeUI was also reported to be on the testing process. However, for the time being, Realme devices will also be getting the ColorOS 7.


The announcement came out in Oppo’s official community website for ColorOS. The announcement is given above and mentions eligible devices. The device which is going to get the update until 2020 Q2 is mentioned in it.

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