Pixel 4 Personal Safety App

Google is the top leading company that provides us the finest of the web services as well as the latest techs. Google is widely known for its Google Search Engine, but Google does a lot more than that. Pixel is a branch of smartphones launched by Google. Moreover, Google provides the Android SDK to third-party developers. Google is constantly updating its Android versions and firmware of its brand smartphones. Moreover, Google also provides security patches and additional features for all the latest Android versions. Google has launched a brand new update for Pixel 4. The new update gives the phone an Adaptive Battery feature. After the update, your Pixel 4 will know how to adjust the power usage accordingly to the apps you use. More of the features will be highlighted along with the topic, but our primary focus of the latest update is the new Pixel 4 Personal Safety App.

The improvised Adaptive Battery feature will surely extend your battery life. If you are using Pixel 2 or later, you can get the update. Now you can also prioritize an app over another. Along with the battery enhancement, Google also thought of people’s sleep schedules. Therefore, Google has included the clock app. By using the clock app, you can maintain a sleep schedule for bedtime, and you can play calming sounds for a quick sleep, limit your interruptions during the night, and much more.

The update also comes with bug fixes. Therefore compatibility of Google  Assistant with Recorder and Google Docs will be enhanced and will work much better now. You can ask Google Assistant to start a recording, and it will launch the recorder and will start recording. Moreover, the latest updates make transcripts of recordings saved to a Google Docs possible. Thus, it makes it easier for sharing recordings and any other files too. The feature is exclusive on Google Pixel 4.

Pixel 4 Personal Safety App

First introduced on the Pixel 4, the Personal Safety application is available for Pixel 2 or later. It is a very helpful application that can detect car crashes near you and notify you. Moreover, it also enables you to send an Emergency status. The application is an effort by Google to make sure the users feel safer on roads. The application has two important basic functions. Firstly, it can detect car crashes around you within a limited distance and notify you, secondly, if you are a victim of a car crash or if someone needs help. You are able to send an Emergency status/message.

Safety Checker

The perks of the application are that it can automatically detect an automotive accident; the application will prompt for your response. If you are unable to respond, then the application will send your location to the other users near you, it will automatically notify them so that your safety is assured. Even more, the application automatically calls for the emergency services once you are unable to respond, so you can explain the situation if you can.

The safety check enables you to share your real-time location with all of your emergency contacts. A notification will be sent to all of your emergency contacts if there are any incidents. Also, you can set the time for safety checks, which makes it the best option for night hiking or if you are coming home night alone.

Emergency Message Sharing

The Emergency Status/Message is only for the emergency situation. If you are in some shady place and you are unable to speak, then you can send a message to any or all of your emergency contacts. You will be able to send an Emergency message without unlocking your phone. Your real-time location with the Google map link will be sent to all your emergency contacts.

The application was launched in 2019 for Pixel 4 on Google play. It was not available for other devices. Now, the latest update includes the Personal Safety app. Also, on Google Play, the application is available for Pixel 3 or later.

The application is bug-free and with no hiccups. However, the application tends to ask permission for messages only when you try to send a message. It doesn’t ask for permission after you have installed and opened the app. This might cause a problem in a dire situation.

Therefore, you will have to manually give permission to the app. Go to the settings of your phone, go to apps and management, select the app, click on permission, and toggle on the message and contacts permissions.

From Editor’s Desk

The personal safety application tends to be a very helpful application for your contacts, and you will be able to know the real-time location of people. People can share an SOS message with the real-time location link on Google maps. Moreover, the safety checker enables you to notify your contacts that you are up for something for a certain amount of time.

You will have to respond to a prompt after that if, in case you are unable to respond to the prompt, your contacts will know and an emergency call will be launched by your device to the Emergency services. The key feature of the application is that it can automatically detect car crashes, it will check for your response. The application is available for Pixel 4, Pixel 3; however, it is also available on the Google Play store.

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