Poco F1 Android 10 Update Still Under Testing

Written by Jeff

Xiaomi has always surprised us with their new devices. The launch of Poco brand was one of that. The Poco F1 also known as Pocophone F1 came with the regular Xiaomi goodies. The device had a list of high-end features on a mid-range price tag. With this combination, the device was an instant hit and put on good numbers in the sales chart. But the one deal-breaker all Poco fans were dealing with recently is the delay in Android 10 update. And it seems like the disappointment of users is not over yet.

The Android 10 kernel for the Poco F1 was launched back in December 2019 itself. A number of Xiaomi device kernels were launched at the same time. Till date, all of the Xiaomi devices with released kernel received the latest update. However, Poco F1 never hear about the update coming despite the long wait of all users. As it has been over 2 months since the last update on the device, users are beginning to lose patience. We have seen a lot of tweets from frustrated Poco F1 users.

The latest update in this matter doesn’t seem to please the frustrated users. Replying to a user tweet recently, the Global Head of Pocophone,  Alvin Tse stated that the testing is still going on. It is said that bit more testing is required before the update is rolled out. However, the date of update arrival nor the time it will take for testing was not mentioned. He also promised it will arrive soon without a specif time.

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