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Creating a Secure Folder For Android Phones

How to setup a Secure Folder For Android Phones


In retrospect, we thought our privacy in the future would be more restrained than ever. However, what matters the most in this highly advanced era is keeping your privacy secure. You own your phone, yet some days it is not only in your hand, but people around you too. For example, a colleague may ask to call someone from your phone, and there is not a certainty that his curiosity won’t direct him to your personal data. You show someone a picture on your phone, and they keep swiping as a single guy would swipe-right on Tinder. Or kids can explore your phone from a to z, to find a game.  This is the ultimate guide to setup a secure folder for Android Phones

To avoid your privacy being invaded in these scenarios. You can make sure that your photos, videos, or other files you want to keep personal, stay private in a secure folder where only you can get to. Fortunately, there are very easy processes to secure your folders on Android phones, after bringing some methods in my use. I will show you how you can set up a secure folder for Android phones. So next time when you hand over the phone to someone, you stay in peace.

How To Setup a Secure Folders For Android Phone

The Android system is developed from Linux, and the operating system has some features borrowed directly from the command carrier. Such as the ability to create hidden folders, so that they can only be reached from the file manager. That means there is no need to install third-party apps. Here’s a to-go guide for you to secure folders on your Android phone.

Method 1: Make a dedicated hidden folder

In this method, you will know how to create a folder that is automatically hidden, so all you have to do is transfer your personal data in the folder.

  1. Head over to File Manager on your Android phone
  2. At the top right corner, you will see “More” tap on it and now tap “ Create Folder.” ( the option to create a new folder may vary in place, in various smartphones, so just look for it)


  1. Name the new folder

     4.  Now, add a dot (.) before the name of your folder

     5.  Your folder is hidden, now transfer all the data you want to keep private.

Method 2: Secure an existing folder

With this method, you can secure an already existing folder. Such as you may want to hide your images folder, so the images don’t appear in the gallery, WhatsApp folder, or any folder with personal data with it. Furthermore, If you don’t find the option of creating a new file in your android phone, install a file manager app that lets you create new files without any extension.

  1. Go to the file manager on your Android phone
  2. Head over to the folder you want to secure
  3. Open the folder, and you will see “create new file” option somewhere, click on it


      4. Name the file “.nomedia”

  1. Now, exist the file manager and restart your phone
  2. Your folder is hidden and secure now, the files in that folder won’t appear anywhere on your phone.

Now that we’ve learned how to hide and secure folders, we should also know how to access them.

For method 1: go to the file manager and toggle on the “Show Hidden Files” option from the settings.

For method 2: Delete the .nomedia file from the folder.

Best Third-party Apps to Setup Secure folders on Android Phone

Folder Lock

Folder lock provides you tools to password-lock your personal files. The app has a pleasing user interface. Furthermore, It also allows you to transfer files from Gallery, PC, Mac, and browser. The app is free. However, It also contains a premium pack.

The tools to secure your file will be found in the free version. If you want some steps further, a premium pack won’t disappoint you. It includes a private cloud, hides the icon of apps you choose. Additionally, it has a panic mode that offers a display button that promptly switches from one app to another. Quite handy in use If you sense someone spying on you from behind.

Download Folder Lock


KeepSafe secures your personal data with an array of security systems. Such as fingerprint authentication, PIN code, and military-grade encryption! KeepSafe is really brilliant in securing your privacy. Once your files and folders are imported in KeepSafe, you can delete them from the gallery, and they will still be accessed from the KeepSafe file viewer.

Once you have begun, you can categorize the content you hide, put them in different folders, and it will be so easy to get back to them. The app offers a 30-day free premium and then 5$ monthly. The premium version includes privileges like cloud back up, no ads, and trash recovery. Furthermore, KeepSafe offers this fun feature that can disguise an app with another icon.

Download KeepSafe


Another application that impressed me is GalleryVault. The app emphasizes a variety of content for a user to save. The user interface is pretty clean. The shrewd technique GalleryVault uses is, It turns itself into a ghost on your home screen, and you access the app by typing the pin on your dialer, a URL in the browser, or few other methods.

After adding the security layers, you can add anything you want to keep personal and secure in GalleryVault. The app allows files, documents, images, videos, notes, and much more. One thing that needed to be kept in mind; uploading the content does not delete it from its actual place, so you have to delete it manually from the place you wish to hide it from.

Download GalleryVault

From Editor’s Desk

This is how you can set up a secure folder for Android Phones using file manager or third party apps. The process is very simple if you use third-party apps that are designed for this very purpose. But if you see the file manager option, then follow all the steps carefully. In case of any confusion, drop a comment down below or in our forum. We will try to help you in every way possible.

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