Top 3 VR Goggles in 2020 for your Android Phone

VR Goggles are coming down in price in 2020

There used to be a time when VR Goggles for Android Phones were several hundred dollars.  Oculus headsets today still run up to $500 USD.  Due to the Covid-19 environment and long shipping times – retailers are forced to decrease the price of headsets for consumers to remain competitive.  We reviewed a number of units from manufacturers in China and the US to find the best value devices under $50 USD.

Top 3 VR Goggles in 2020 for Android:

VR Shinecon 3D Goggles

What makes the Shinecon VR great is it also includes speakers with the head set unit.  This allows you to watch a video or play a game without wired headphones in your ears which is important when you are trying to move around.  The headset unit also supports wider phones which is a problem for less expensive units.  The head set was comfortable to wear and is a surprise at this price point.

This VR headset is manufactured in China and you can find it at Amazon for $30.44 USD.

BNext VR Headset

Our second headset on the list supports larger cell phone units and is extremely comfortable.  We were surprised when testing this product – we did not feel the weight of the headset as the padding provided comfort.  While this unit does not have speakers or handset controllers – it is ideal for Augmented Reality games as you have the freedom to move around.

This VR headset is available at Amazon for $37.93 USD.

VR Wear Headset 

What makes the third headset on our list standout is the Aspherical HD lenses in the unit which really make the immersion experience amazing.  The enhance picture quality when watching a movie makes this unit worth considering.

This headset is available at Amazon for $29.95 USD.

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