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Turn on Flashlight for Android phones

Flash is one of the oldest Hardware features of mobile phones. It is helpful not only with Cameras and taking pictures, but you can use it as a light when you have no electricity or need to find something in dark areas. In old keypad phones, the light was not that good, but with innovation and the introduction of the latest smartphones, it became a very useful feature. There are various ways to turn on the light. Some of them are really easy, but when you cannot do it the easy way, you need to do it manually.  

In this article, we are going to show you different ways to turn on the flashlight of Android devices. Some of these ways are common and similar in every android device. On the other hand, some phones have a difficult way to toggle the light. When you need the light in an emergency, and you cannot turn it on easily, then you may face problems, but by using any of the below-mentioned methods, you can do it in no time.

How to Turn on Flashlight for Android phones

Method 1: Turn on the light Using the quick toggle

This is a very basic way to turn on the flashlight. Google introduced flashlight toggle in a quick toggle setting menu for android with its 5.0 lollipop Android system update. The whole look of android devices changed with this system update as it contained different new and useful features.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is swipe down the notifications bar and look for a flashlight toggle from the toggle menu. After that, just tap on it and it will turn on your flashing. Once you are done with your work, you can simply turn off the flashlight by tapping on the same toggle icon.

Step one  – swipe down your notification bar. After that, look for the toggle bar or toggle slide that looks like a flashlight. It is different in some smartphones.

In Step two, you need to click on that icon. That’s all your flashlight will light up.

Method 2: Turn on the light with any third party flashlight app

Some smartphones do not have the flashlight toggle. Don’t worry, there are a bunch of flashlight apps for android available on the play store. You can use any of these apps to get your work done. Most of the flashlight apps are free to use. There are some apps that are paid, but the amount is very low, and those apps have some tweaks to use a flashlight in a bit fancy way. Also, some of the smartphones already have a built-in flashlight app to help you.  A great app is Brightest Flashlight which is free on the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open your play store and search the Flashlight app. Download any suitable app from the search result according to your choice.

Step 2: Open the app and click on the turn on the option to turn on the flashlight.

Method 3: Turn on light using the Google assistant

Google assistant came into 2016 on the pixel devices, and after that, it came to all the Android devices. Google assistant is your virtual android assistant that works on your voice commands as well as type commands. You can do various things like making a call, set a reminder, send a text, search, open apps, etc. using the google assistant. You can also turn on the flashlight using the Google assistant.

Step 1: Open your google assistant. You can open it in various ways like by long-pressing your home button, by clicking on the app icon and also by voice command. You need to turn on the voice command, and after that, just say ‘Okay Google’, and your assistant will start.

Step 2: once the assistant is open, say ‘Okay, Google, turn on the flashlight’. That’s all.

Here is a cool way to turn on the flashlight. If you are a harry potter fan, you must be familiar with the spell ‘Lumos’.

Open your google assistant and say ‘Lumos’. Google Assistant will turn on the flashlight. The same way, you can say the spell ‘Nox’ to turn off the flashlight. This is a feature made for harry potter fans. You must try this if you are a Potterhead.

Method 4: Use gestures to turn on the light

If you are using an Oneplus device, then you can use a gesture feature to turn on the flashlight. Gestures are very handy and helpful because they make some features easy to use.

Step 1: Open your phone settings. Scroll down and look for gestures. Click on it to open it.

Step 2: look for the ‘toggle flashlight’ option and turn it on.

Step three – once you turn on the flashlight gesture, all you need to do is draw a V on your phone screen using your fingers. As soon as you draw the V your flashlight will turn on.

There are some other devices, too, that supports the gesture feature. You can go to your setting and check the availability of the gesture feature on your phone.

How to turn on your front light

Most of the devices come with a front flashlight these days. There are many ways to turn on the rear flashlight, but when it comes to the front light, it is difficult to turn it on. Suppose you are on a video call, and you are in a dark place. Your video calling app has no option to turn on the front flash, but you need it as you are in a dark place. You look for a toggle button, but there is none to turn on the front light. What to do in this scenario?

Well, here is the solution. Just go to the play store and search for the front flashlight app. You will see a list of all the available apps that can turn on the front flashlight. Download any of those apps. After that, just open the app to turn on the front flash whenever you need it.


You can use any of the above methods to turn on the light in no time. Also, the harry potter spell trick is great if you are a harry potter fan as you can do magic with your phone. Third-party flashlights apps can always be helpful if your device has some bug with a normal way to turn on the flashlight.

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