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When it comes to online chatting applications then I guess Whatsapp is currently the most used and popular application which is used to texting, video calling, etc. The best part about Whatsapp is we don’t need to pay any single penny to use this application. Every feature available in Whatsapp is free to use. If we go back to a few years back, Whatsapp was used to be a very simple application with the only sole purpose of chatting but now in recent years, Whatsapp has involved so much and now it has so many features and with every new update, we get to see something new. However, right now the trend of Dark Mode is increasing day by day, many texting applications like Facebook Messenger has included dark mode and users were waiting for Whatsapp to do same and now here comes the good news, Whatsapp has also introduced Whatsapp Dark Mode feature in its recent update and now you can download Whatsapp Dark Mode APK for free. 

Since the introduction of Whatsapp Dark Mode, users are going crazy to get the feature in their device, so let me tell you if you are on the WhatsApp v2.20.13 beta or later then you can enjoy the dark mode feature by going to Theme option under Settings > Chats. But let me tell you this is not the stable update of Whatsapp dark mode, if you have enrolled in the beta program and downloaded the WhatsApp v2.20.13 beta then you will be able to switch to Dark mode otherwise you need to wait for the stable update to roll out. 

The latest Whatsapp beta update not only comes with Dark mode added feature but also we got to see some new features like privacy settings to control who can add you to groups. Added call waiting for support for incoming WhatsApp calls while you’re already on another call and the most demanding fingerprint lock system on Whatsapp application. However, the main highlight of the update is obviously dark mode and today you can download the latest Whatsapp Dark Mode APK for free. 

Whatsapp Dark Mode APK

Download latest WhatsApp APK for Dark Mode

Now as we already stated above, currently the dark mode feature is only available via the latest Whatsapp dark mode beta update which means you can not directly update your Whatsapp from Play Store or App Store. And in order to, download Whatsapp v2.20.13 beta there are several sources. Anyway, we have added some download links below and you can download your Whatsapp Dark Mode APK from below. 

Latest Whatsapp Dark Mode/Theme APK: Download Link

How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on any Android Device!


Now as I said already, you need to be on the latest Whatsapp Beta update to get the feature available, so first of all download the Whatsapp Dark Mode APK from the above download section and once the latest Whatsapp beta APK is downloaded and installed on your device then you need to follow below instructions to completely enable dark mode on Whatsapp. 

Step 1) If you are not enrolled in the Whatsapp Beta program then the first step is to get enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta testing program from here

Step 2) Once you are registered then you need to wait for some time.

Step 3) In the span of some time, you will see an update for your Whatsapp application. 

Step 4) Once the WhatsApp Messenger has been updated, launch it.

Step 5) Now go to Settings >> Chats >> Theme > Enable Dark Mode.

Done! So, that’s how you can download Whatsapp Dark Mode APK and enable it in your device. So, I hope this guide worked for you and if by any chance it didn’t then do comment below, we’ll try to reach you out to solve your query.



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