When is Android 11 Available?

It has already been a hard wait for all Android users to feel the excellence of Android 11 on their hands. Sadly, you will need to wait longer as Google announced they are postponing the release. Yes, you heard it right; the beta version of Android 11, which was about to release on June 3rd, has been delayed due to the current environment. Google made a post on the Android Developer Website saying, “We are postponing the 3rd June event and beta release. We will be back with more on Android 11, soon”.

So, this makes it clear that the wait is going to be much longer. However, we can expect the first roll-out session by the end of this year. Apart from the bad news, it will get interesting from here. The developer previews that are already published and we have gathered a few pieces of information that might give you some idea of the features that Android 11 are expected to deliver.  Well, we have scoured through many news stories and rumors concerning Android 11. So in this article, we will present every single piece of information we collected.

When is the Android 11 release?

First and foremost, since the last postpone, no further date has been fixed for the future release of the Android 11. So, we can either expect to see the Google IO by the end of this year or sometime in 2021, and all credit goes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although a few developer previews are already out, we hope to see subsequent updates in the following months.

We hope the final release will be by September 2020. Several smartphone brands will start preparing their devices to hold the new update of Android 11. The last time, it was the One Plus 7T and 7T Pro to introduce the Android 10. But who knows which company would do the same for the new Android update.

Features of Android 11

As per the Developers Preview, we will have a sneak-peek at some of the features from the Android 11. However, in this article, we are not able to cover all the features, but the ones available are enough to evoke curiosity in you.

1. Notification Bar holds Personal Messaging Tab

Firstly, the notification bar that comes with the new Android update seems to have its personal messaging tab. This must help in representing the notifications in a well-organized manner. Thus, it will divide each one of them, so you can answer the necessary ones and ignore the others.

2. Finding your current Network Connection

Next, Android 11 is capable of distinguishing your network connection. We have already seen this feature in our present devices as it allows certain apps to find out if we are using a 4G network or some Wi-Fi connection. In Android 11, it can further distinguish if we are enabling a 5G connection. Hence, this will save up from excessive unessential data loss.

3. Dark Mode Scheduling

It seems like the new update will most probably have another essential feature, especially for the night owls. This feature includes scheduling the dark mode in your device. Well, this feature is basically for reducing the blue light effect at night times, which ensures the protection of your eyes too. Furthermore, we can hope to see some really cool features in the dark mode as well.

4. Accurate Permission Grant Options

Not to mention, Android is very much concerned about your security. As a result, Android 11 will come up with a feature that must play a significant role in granting permissions to any application. For instance, when you let any app access your photos, camera, or whatever it is, you need to grant them permission. Android 11 will add an extra feature, “Allow Once.” This feature will let the apps ask for permission every time so that you can have an accurate idea about which apps are accessing your private data and when.

5. Airplane Mode doesn’t Disconnect Bluetooth

Have you ever turned on the Airplane mode while you are connected to Bluetooth? No doubt, most of us have done that sometimes. Suppose you are connected to a Bluetooth earphone, and you turn on the Airplane mode. This leads you to get disconnected from Bluetooth as well. With Android 11, you no more have to suffer such unwanted accidents. Even if you turn on the Airplane mode, the Bluetooth still works fine without any interruption.

6. Advanced Solutions For misplaced device on Charging Tab

If placing your smartphone on a wireless charging pad has ever troubled you, Android 11 seems to have the perfect solution. Every time you misplace your smartphone on the charging pad, Android 11 displays a message to you. It notifies you with an error saying, “Device poorly aligned.” So, you will have a better idea to place your smartphone correctly.

7. Clear All Notification

One of the best features Android 11 is supposed to have is it will now allow you to clear all notifications. You might be thinking, what’s new here? Well, it includes even those notifications which we weren’t able to dismiss until now. The list includes notifications like Charging alerts, Storage alerts, and more.

8. Scoped Storage Feature

Additionally, it seems like we will see the Scoped Storage feature very soon in Android 11. Scoped Storage helps in boosting the memory reading speed and further enhances your security. It lets you choose which information is allowed to be accessed by any third-party app. Interestingly, it also reduces your workload, as you don’t have to grant permission every time you install an app.


Since Google has postponed the release event, it is likely to have a much longer wait than expected. However, we believe that the new update of Android 11 is worth this wait. We have also seen some of the exciting features that Android 11 would most probably bring to us. Hence, it is appropriate to say that the new Android version is still holding a lot of unique features, and we hope to see them very soon.

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