Can we Use Windows Defender on Android?

If you are on Windows OS, you would probably be using or have used Windows Defender for the security of your system. The Windows defender software comes as a pre installed application in windows and is one of the major Microsoft products. But now Microsoft has taken their defender application one step further. They have already officially given information regarding their new application based on Windows Defender for Android devices back in February this year.

They have not given any official date of the launch of this application. But one week ago, on 23 June, they have released a preview version of this application. Microsoft revealed that this app is going to be for both Android and iOS users. But right now, they have only launched the preview for android devices.

The Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will work as an antivirus in Android Systems. And there are several other features also which Microsoft has introduced.

This app will scan your smartphone for malicious applications and other malware present in your device. So, let’s look up the features of this app, which was introduced in its public preview by Microsoft. All the features described below are on the base of the public preview of this application. The final product could be different.

Primary Functions of the Application

The public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP shown that its main motive is to give the users protection from phishing attacks and unauthorized networks, websites, and malicious applications. Additionally,  it will make sure to not give access to corporate data from the devices that tend to be risky. And will make them secure to the users and their data on Android smartphones.

Protection While Surfing the Web

You may be aware of the phishing attacks. These types of attacks can be a threat to your personal information. A maximum of the phishing attacks is done through some of the social media websites, email, different messenger apps, and other applications. Some of the other potential threats can get through other different sources that can make a connection to unsafe domains without any information to the users, and the user can give access to their system through these websites. Some of the features of Microsoft Defender ATP, which will be helpful for conquering these challenges are:

Anti Phishing

The Microsoft Defender ATP application does a great job of preventing phishing attacks by blocking access to all those unsafe domains, which may seem suspicious through Whatsapp, emails, browsers, SMS/text, or any other application. A service called Microsoft Defender SmartScreen helps to check that a URL is potentially malicious or not. When this app gets any malicious website, it will directly block the user to access it. And the user will get notified about this after he/she can report it or dismiss the notification. The security team will get information regarding that through a Microsoft Defender Security center.

Blocking Insecure Connections

The Microsoft Defender SmartScreen service also helps to block the insecure network connections that some of the application automatically connects to without the knowledge of the user. Like above, as in the phishing example, the user automatically gets notified regarding the URL. Here also the user will get the notification of blocking the service. After that, the user may allow it, dismiss it or report it.

The alerts regarding these security issues will be directly notified in the Microsoft Defender Security center.

Custom Warnings

The security teams can easily create custom warnings. This will give them more clear control over the blocking of domains and websites that the user mainly connects to from their device. This is the same feature that works on windows in the Microsoft security Defender center.

Scanning Malware

The smartphone companies working with android can give built-in protection in their Android devices by limiting the installation of apps through trusted sources. And also the Google Play Protect to help in reducing the threat of downloading some potential harmful application on the device. The new Microsoft Defender ATP eliminates these issues by introducing additional control to keep the device free from the threats.

When the Microsoft Defender ATP finds that some malicious applications are installed in the device. It will then classify that device as on high risk. And it will report it to the Microsoft Security Defender center. The Microsoft Defender ATP uses cloud protection to provide security to the device. This protection is for both applications and files.

The security teams at Microsoft can then directly block the devices which have been added to the high risk from accessing all the resources of the company.

The scans done are performed instantly and detect the potentially unwanted application.  When it detects a safe application we downloaded, then it will give a notification to the user to let them know the app is clean and malware-free.

How to install Microsoft Defender ATP on Android?

The Microsoft Defender ATP does not have any official application that you can download from Play Store. This app can be used by the Administrator or the end-users. If you want to install it as an end-user, then you have to get a Microsoft Defender ATP license that is given to the user of this app. And If you want to get it as an Administrator, then you have access to the Microsoft Defender Security Center portal. And access for the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

After this, the requirements for Android is that you should be at least on Android 6 or higher. Then you can download an app from Google play store called Intune company portal app. You also have to make your device enrolled for the Intune device compliance policies.

Now you have to configure this application. For its configuration guide, you can go to Microsoft’s official website, where they have put in all the details.

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