Xiaomi Reportedly Halted Mi A2 Android 10 Update

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For a few months now Android 10 is the favourite news in the smartphone market. From the day of the official release of the new OS, many OEMs are working hard to get the update to their new devices. The Chinese giant Xiaomi is one of the popular OEM in the update race. Over a few months, we have seen several betas and stable release from Xiaomi. The latest news from Xiaomi was the update for Mi A2. However, it seems like there are some changes in the plan in the case of Mi A2.

A few days back we have reported that Xiaomi is rolling out Android 10 update for Mi A2. However, the happiness of users doesn’t stay as per the report. It is found out that the update was halted just a day after the update went live. It seems like the Chinese OEM is planning to withdraw the update.

The official Mi community thread for the update stated Cancelled distribution along with the date 13-01-2020. It seems like the update distribution was stopped within a day after the rolling out started. There are many reports from users stating they never receive the update. Few devices got the update while it went live it eventually stopped and other users didn’t receive the update.

The reason why the update is halted by Xiaomi is not known so far. There is no official explanation given by Xiaomi yet. The possibility of the restart of the update is also not known. So this might mean that the update is cancelled for all the global devices.

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